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Three core advantages makes interactive whiteboard still be the main stream in education field
Source: Posted:2014-7-18 Hits:

 Along with the summer coming, educational equipment market has become lively than usual, as an important carrier of information technology in education field, interactive whiteboard market is expected to once again set a record and further consolidate its market mainstream position.

After entering in 2014, the interactive LCD touch screen monitor continues to penetrate market with upgraded large size, which brings a certain impact to interactive whiteboard market to some extent.  According to industry data indicated, interactive whiteboard still is dominant market firmly, accounting for nearly 80% market share, this trend remains from 2013 until today. On the one hand, it shows China's education market still has a universal demand for interactive whiteboard, it also reflects that the impact of interactive LCD touch screen monitor to educational market become more weaker. 


Innovation of interactive whiteboard

At present, although the impact of interactive LCD touch screen monitor decreased, but greatly stimulated the development and innovation of interactive whiteboard technology. According to related data indicated, more new technologies will be added into interactive whiteboard platform, and then put them into practical application, so as to help improve the quality of school education information.

For example, more matured cloud platform has been established to connect teachers, students and parents, and to form a more perfect education network. In the course of teaching, teachers can not only prepare lessons at any time with personal PC, but also carry out synchronized manipulation to the content of interactive whiteboard interface by using tablet PC, so as to realize mobile teaching, meantime, equipped with additional audio, video, graphics and video content, completely change boring teaching mode in past, and let the classroom becomes more rich and interesting.


Owned three core advantage

With the developing of new projection technology and multi touch technology, interactive whiteboard still is most mature and most mainstream multimedia teaching equipment.   Among numerous educational equipment buyers, interactive whiteboard has quality, cost-effective and healthy three core advantages, and will become the first choice for the development of world education information in a very long time.


Guarantee the quality of teaching, accelerate education information

In many teaching scenarios, once teaching equipment break down, such as the projector can’t be displayed, interactive LCD touch screen monitor overheating or crashes, etc., the classroom will be interrupted, teachers either seeking technical support or restore the use of the blackboard teaching, no matter what measures are eventually adopted, will affect the normal teaching.  Thus it can be seen that the promotion of education information, in addition to combining the actual situation of the school, the need to ensure the quality of school education as a precondition.

 Firstly it needs concentrate more efforts in product quality and customer satisfaction, certified by ISO9001:2008,ISO14001:2004,CE,FCC,RoHS, THE MTBF of MOLYBoard interactive whiteboard is less than 20,000 hours, product stability and reliability is very prominent.

As for cost-effective, in current educational equipment market, the function of interactive whiteboard and interactive LCD touch screen monitor are close, application expansion capability are equivalent, and display effect are also close, but the price, the latter is 3/1 higher than the former. More cost-effective interactive whiteboard will be the first choice of more schools.

Another reason why school choose interactive whiteboard for students and teachers is to give more consideration to the health, the development of education information requires a lot of support from electronic devices, in which the visual display links closely with the students’ eyesight, by means of diffuse reflection, interactive whiteboard makes the screen light very soft, long time watching will not lead to eyestrain, so as to better protect students’ eyesight.

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