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Software Upgrade

We provide life-long free upgrade for the driver programs and application software for the hardware of the same model.
The OEM/ODM products will not receive free upgrade. Please contact the provider of the product for upgrade.

Hardware Warranty

In certain conditions, the hardware of our products can be rejected, replaced, or repaired.
(1)Transportation Liability

We will replace the product damaged in transit caused by the forwarder without charge.
(2)Free return within seven days

If any malfunction is found within 7 days after your purchase of Moly products (the time of signing the receipt of the product prevails, which is hereinafter referred as product-receiving date), the customer may return the products and the seller shall refund the money once for all (in accordance with the amount in the official purchase invoice, which prevails herein).
(3)Free exchange or reparation within 15days

If any malfunction is found within 15 days after the product-receiving date, the customer may choose exchange or reparation and the seller shall replace the said product with the product of the same type and model for free, or repair the said product to its normal state.
(4)Free exchange after 3 times of reparation within 3 months

If any malfunction remains after three reparations within 3 months since the product-receiving date, the customer may request the exchange of the integrated product by presenting the reparation records and the seller shall replace the said product with one of the same type and model.
(5)Warranty Limitations

This warranty does not include the following cases:

1.The warranty period of the integrated product or part has expired.

2.Damages caused by improper installation or operation which are not stipulated in users manual.

3.If the product is only part of the user’s integrated system and the system cannot work properly due to the incompatibility of different parts, it is beyond the guarantee scope of Moly. However, Moly can assist in providing solutions.

4.Malfunctions or damages caused by the reparation or disassembly by the personnel unauthorized by Moly.

5.Malfunctions or damages caused by using the product in a working environment not complying with that prescribed in the Product instructions.

6.Malfunctions or damages caused by the inappropriate packages in the process of transportation or movement.

7.Damages caused by force majeure such as natural disaster, earthquake, fire, and so on.

Note: For details, see the warranty cards of products

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