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MolyVote Feedback System

MOLYVote feedback system

Brief introdution


MOLYVote feedback system is designed to assist teacher and students to have better communication in class, engage students, keep them alert and improve their performance. Real-time teacher-student interaction makes teacher know students’ learning status clearly and can adjust teaching schedule accordingly. 


Teacher can make teaching plan in PowerPoint, which is easy to use and no need to learn other courseware editing software. Real-time student feedback makes teacher take more importance in interactive details of teaching plan and ease their work burden.


Teacher takes activities through PowerPoint, including Instant questions and answers, Quick-response mode, selected person answered, students comments etc. Students use remote to respond and answer questions, which can maintain their attention and promote discuss and collaboration. System offers many functions such as brush-pencil, eraser, magnifier, focus lamp etc. to meet various course needs and creating more effective teaching.






1. MOLYVote products using RF technology, the direction of the remote control signal transmission without limit (the traditional infrared remote control with the direction of limitations).


2. MOLYVote products have broke through the bottleneck which a computer can only be used by a person at the same time, and the simple installation, didn’t need the extra back guy, only used the simple remote control, could let each student, teacher carry on the teaching interaction through a computer. Like this has saved the computer’s funds and the following service and the overhead charge.


3. MOLYVote easy to study easily to use, convenient, cheap, broke traditional teacher to speak the passive aspect which the student listened, strengthened interaction between teachers' and students'.


4. Teacher can discover promptly student's problem in learning process, with the aim of completing the remedial work.


5. Can automatically change volume, statistical learning achievement, and to study and record-keeping on the network, saving teacher time, but also to facilitate the parents abreast of their children's learning progress and learning.


Range of applications

The system’s use pattern, is teacher sets the topic using the computer or oral asks the question, the student answers with study the vitality, the computer can present the student to answer the result and the statistical result immediately, the teacher may carry on the recovery teaching on the scene according to the answer situation; After the class, the teacher may also pull and read the material, analyzes each student to accept the situation and learning capability, makes the corresponding teaching adjustment.

Application scope: Guide the teaching activities, Controls the teaching material screening, Comments the test along with the hall feedback, Group competitions, Competes answers activities, Selects the human to answer, Elects by ballot votes, Performance gives the minute.


Inventory component

A set of complete multimedia interaction teaching system, should contain the following module:

CD-ROM, the teacher machines, the student machines, the receiver, the USB cable and the instruction for use.

Movement environment

Uses in the following condition's situation, can interact teaching system's function display incisiveness. Multimedia classrooms (basic requirements: Multimedia platform/computers, projector, is projected screen/electron white board).

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